SanDisk + Tiesto?!

SanDisk + Tiesto: It's The Tiniest Exclusive You Can Imagine...

SanDisk has been guilty of some outlandish music experiments in the past - but then again, that might be exactly the right approach in this terrain. The latest is more down-to-earth, and involves Tiesto. According to details shared with Digital Music News, the DJ is releasing exclusive material through microSD cards. After purchasing an eligible microSD, fans can download exclusive songs online at, part of the broader "Wake Up Your Phone" campaign.

This is part of an ongoing struggle by SanDisk to spice up storage with some content tie-ins. One is relatively boring - at least to average user - while the other is incredibly exciting. The Tiesto partnership also finds SanDisk sponsoring tour dates across Europe, Abu Dhabi, and the US.

On those dates, fans will be asked to submit video footage for possible inclusion in an upcoming Tiesto video. "It's amazing that SanDisk is the little memory card inside all of those phones and cameras every night," Tiesto remarked. Indeed, SanDisk (and rivals) are cramming once-unbelievable storage capacities into impossibly small places, a situation that presents complications for cloud-enabled entrants.