March, 2010: The Month In Review... By: DMN

March, 2010: The Month In Review...

As winter surrendered to spring, the industry battled its own elements in March.

On the legislative front, the European Commission reaffirmed its disinterest in three-strikes, disconnection-oriented enforcement plans. But in the UK, the mood was different, and the Digital Economy Bill is now inching towards passage.

On Wall Street, Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) slipped below the dollar-mark, and the company is now fighting to preserve its Nasdaq status. Apple (AAPL) elevated on iPad and iPhone anticipation, and grabbed the third-highest market cap on numerous occasions.

It was a topsy-turvy period for EMI, to say the least. EMI Music chief Elio Leoni-Sceti exited, OK Go bailed, Pink Floyd won its lawsuit, and the label has (so far) been unsuccessful in its attempts to outsource marketing and distribution on marquee acts. The Doobie Brothers also filed suit towards the tail end of the month.

The cloud continued to take shape. Thumbplay opened its beta, and plucked Apple MobileMe executive Pablo Calamera for its CTO position. MOG teased its mobile solution at SXSW. A Spotify launch in the US remained cloudy.

On the funding front, Sonos secured $25 million. The Echo Nest received a $500,000 grant, and SwapTree grabbed $4.8 million.

On the Hill, the battle over radio royalties on recordings got uglier, thanks to a stepped-up level of mudslinging and name-calling.

Sony Music Entertainment sealed a $250 million, multi-album deal with the estate of Michael Jackson.

Dimensional Associates consolidated its ownership of the Orchard, subject to various closing formalities.

A UK-based collective of artists, retailers, songwriters, and labels minted Music Matters, an education-focused initiative.

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