Free Scooter!


Bizarre Bieber Twitter Case Continues...

Justin Bieber has more influence over teenage girls than most parents - and, for that matter, the police. On Wednesday, Bieber manager Scooter Braun was formally charged on a number of misdemeanors related to an overcrowded mall appearance in November of last year. Braun was not at the mall, but was phoned to cancel the dangerously-packed event through a Bieber tweet.

Braun did not respond quickly enough, according to the charges. Island Def Jam executive James Roppo also declined to Twitter-it-off, and faces similar charges.

Braun surrendered to police, but pled 'not guilty' to charges of reckless endangerment, criminal nuisance and endangering the welfare of children. Braun allegedly sent a pair of tweets after about two hours, but Braun claims that he was unable to access a computer when contacted. That defense will be tested in court.

Bieber is standing by his manager, and was filmed donning a 'Free Scooter' t-shirt in Chicago.

- Digital Music News