Money Makers

Billboard magazine’s new “Money Makers” list ranks the 40 highest-earning artists of 2009. The ranking adds up income from music sales, tours, ringtones and other sources of cash.
40. Bette Midler, $9,421,947 (mostly due to her 90-day stand at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas)
39. Leonard Cohen, $9,511,958 ($9.2 million from touring alone)
38. Bob Dylan, $9,610,011 ($7.4 million from touring and the rest in album, song and songwriting royalties)
37. Phish, $9,998,242
36. Andrea Bocelli, $10,711,746
35. Cher, $11,421,553 (she earned $11.2 million after she replaced Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace)
34. Kiss, $11,833,930 ($879,000 from sales of their Walmart exclusive “Sonic Boom,” $10.6 million from touring)
33. Toby Keith, $11,941,345 ($10 million in touring, including revenue from his first-ever European concert series)
32. Green Day, $12,152,004
31. Paul McCartney, $12,203,170 ($11.4 million from touring, $609,000 from sales of his album “Good Evening, New York City” which has sold 234,000 copies)
30. Lil Wayne, $12,866,174 (he had the highest-grossing hip-hop tour of 2009the year with $10.4 million in ticket sales)
29. Tina Turner, $13,169,806 ($13 million from her Farewell European tour and $116,700 in CD sales)

28. Keith Urban, $14,075,581 ($12 million on the road and $1.4 million from sales of his album “Defying Gravity” which was Urban’s first No. 1 on the Billboard 200)
27. Brad Paisley, $14,299,322 (had almost 3 million track downloads in 2009)
26. Celine Dion, $14,326,129 (most of her income came from her 23-date Taking Chances tour. Last year, Celine was 5th on the “Money Makers” list due to her residency at Caesars Palace.)
25. Kings Of Leon, $14,421,763 ($9.9 million from touring; they sold half-a-million album downloads and 5 million track downloads)
24. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, $14,606,313
23. Billy Joel, $15,721,607 (Joel hasn’t released an album since 1993’s “River of Dreams” but he tours steadily – his tour with Elton John was a humungous success — and his songs continue to rake in royalties.)
22. Depeche Mode, $16,035,102 ($15.4 million from their world tour, $300,000 in CD royalties)

21. Taylor Swift, $17,204,646 (half from touring and half from CD royalties)
20. Michael Jackson, $17,301,639 (Jackson was the No. 1 earner in CD and ringtone royalties in 2009. The late, great King of Pop raked in $13.2 million in physical album sales and $255,000 in ringtones. “This Is It” was the highest-grossing concert film of all time, earning $72 million at the box office)
19. Rascal Flatts, $17,996,964 ($14.3 million from 55 concerts; “Unstoppable” album sold 1.1 million copies)
18. Andre Rieu, $19,468,768 (the Dutch violinist sold a measly 59,000 albums but his 30th anniversary world tour earned more than $19 million, becoming the 6th most lucrative tour of 2009!)
17. Dave Matthews Band, $20,046,148 (they’ve sold more concert tickets than any other act in this millennium! Their 2009 album, “Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King,” sold 800,000 units and sold over 2 million track downloads.)
16. Il Divo, $20,909,735 ($20 million from touring, $809,300 for physical album sales)
15. Miley Cyrus, $21,285,996 ($4.3 million in CD royalties, $15 million for her Wonder World tour. Her feature-film debut, “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” was not counted in this tally but the movie grossed $79.5 million at the box office.)
14. Elton John, $22,141,315 (toured with Billy Joel; sold 250,000 physical CDs in the United States.)
13. Beyonce, $23,658,131 (Her tour was mad prosperous and she earned $2.3 million in CD royalties for “I Am… Sasha Fierce.”)

12. Nickelback, $23,674,124 ($18.3 million from touring; 1.9 million albums sol.)
11. Fleetwood Mac, $24,751,540 ($24 million take from its Unleashed tour; less than $700,000 from album sales.)
10. Metallica, $25,564,234 ($22.8 million from 55 arena shows)
9. Kenny Chesney, $26,581,141
8. Coldplay, $27,326,562 ($24.7 million touring behind its 2008 album, “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends”)
7. Jonas Brothers, $33,596,576 ($31.4 million from their world tour, a trek that won the group the Eventful Fans’ Choice Award at the 2009 Billboard Touring Awards.)
6. Pink, $36,347,658 (her world tour raked in $35 million. Digital sales of her single Glitter in the Air” shot up 1,143% after Pink’s aerial performance on the 2010 Grammy Awards.)
5. Britney Spears, $38,885,267 (her arena tour earned her $36.4 million. Her “Circus” album sold 763,000 copies. Britney sold 7.5 million track downloads including 1.6 million for “3.”)
4. AC/DC, $43,650,466 ($41.4 million from concerts, giving them the 4th highest-earning tour of 2009.)
3. Madonna, $47,237,774 (Her Sticky & Sweet tour was the highest-grossing tour ever by a solo artist.)

2. Bruce Springsteen, $57,619,037 (continuous touring, a new studio album, a Walmart-exclusive hits compilation; Bruce even performed on the 2009 Super Bowl halftime show.)
1. U2, $108,601,283 (Midway through what is destined to be the highest-grossing tour in history.)