Gaga = 1 Billion

Lady Gaga: Three Videos, One Billion Views...

Just how big is the Lady Gaga machine? According to one stat surfacing Wednesday, Gaga has now amassed an impressive one billion video views - on her top three videos alone. The 'True Reach' figure was offered by Visible Measures, whose '100 Million Club' includes a scant 65 videos. Of that, Gaga places with "Poker Face" (374.6 million views), "Just Dance" (272.9 million), and "Bad Romance" (360 million).

Actually, Gaga is at the vanguard of a continued music video attack. Soulja Boy has grabbed 722.4 million views on "Crank That" alone, and other heavy-hitters include Susan Boyle, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and of course, Rick Astley. Collectively, music videos make up more than half of the 'Club' list, mostly from professionally-generated (not user-generated) pieces.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.