First DJs To Play Outer Space...

Virgin Galactic's first space flight to be soundtracked by British DJs?

UK band ask Richard Branson if they can supply music for first passenger trip....

Trance group Above & Beyond have issued a plea to Richard Branson to let them DJ on the first Virgin Galactic passenger flight into space.

Branson's Virgin Galactic flights let paying guests book a suborbital trip into space. Although no date for the first official flight has been announced, test flights are rumoured to be starting in 2010.

Above & Beyond made their declaration after they had played at the launch event for one of Virgin Galactic's fleet, the SpaceShipTwo, held in the Mojave desert yesterday (December 7).

Speaking about the event, which was also attended by Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Above & Beyond's Jono Grant outlined his plans to play the launch mission of Virgin Galactic.

"We're big fans of all things space-related and so in terms of dream gigs, this is up there alongside our performance in Rio to one million people," Grant explained. "We're now hoping to persuade Richard [Branson] to let us DJ on the first Virgin Galactic passenger flight into space."

The duo's track 'Buzz' samples Buzz Aldrin's original moon-landing dialogue.

Moby and Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro have both booked Virgin Galactic flights, while in 2007 it was reported that Liam Gallagher had paid the £200,000 fee to book a flight for brother Noel as a birthday present, although the pair never officially confirmed the rumour.